James Daniel Edwards, son of James Douglas Edwards of the 2nd Infantry Division Military Police Platoon, knew he had found a story worth uncovering when he first opened the old cigar box full of his late father’s artifacts from World War II. After many years and countless hours of research, the details of this absorbing narrative fell into place. This visual history now offers readers a unique, up close glimpse of the war from a perspective few have seen before.

Witness this unforgettable story through the eyes of the men who lived it. Rich with photographs, newspaper clippings, eyewitness accounts, military documents, and personal letters, Defining Moment at Wirtzfeld preserves the story of the 2nd Infantry Division MPs. The book traces the MPs’ poignant struggle for survival on the battlefields of Northern France, Belgium, Germany, and Czechoslovakia.

There is no doubt that World War II shaped the lives and destinies of a generation of young Americans, but their stories now risk being lost in the passage of time. Not content to let these brave faces or their journeys fade away, James D. Edwards records them here for the benefit of generations to come.

Buy Defining Moment at Wirtzfeld the book

Buy Defining Moment at Wirtzfeld the book

Defining Moment at Wirtzfeld
$19.95 – Hardcover – 392 pages

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